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Public classes are typically hatha or vinyasa flow.  Sequences link breath with movement to build strength, flexibility and mental clarity.  Students will learn to utilize breath to feel grounded and uncover a deeper inner awareness.  Each class also includes complimentary pranayama and meditation practices.  All levels and abilities are welcome.


Whether you are new to yoga, an experienced yogi or want to address specific physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges, private yoga classes can be extremely beneficial.  Classes can be taught at the time and place of your convenience.  Rates vary based upon location, and start at $85/hour. Contact me for more information.



Noelle works with incarcerated young men and women in the  San Francsico, San Mateo and Alameda Juvenile Justice Centers through two 

organizations: The Art of Yoga Project and NirogaShe teaches weekly yoga classes to the youth in the halls.  For this population, yoga serves as a tool for empowering and increasing self-awareness, self-respect and self-control in the youth.  Contact me if you want to get involved through financial support or working directly with the youth.    



Yoga provides a welcome respite from the stress of the business world. Corporate classes are designed to combat specific office related maladies such as low back pain and shoulder tension.  Additionally, on-site yoga has proven to reduce healthcare costs and increase employee productivity.  

Yoga and meditation classes are available at lunch, before and after work.  Rates range from $100-$150/class depending on time and location.  Please contact me for availability.


Current Clients: AKQA, Trulia


Noelle Kyle Yoga

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