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About Noelle 


Noelle began studying kriya yoga in 2005.  A few years later, she uncovered asana as a way to take her meditation practice to a deeper level.  The physical and spiritual transformation she experienced through yoga lead her to further study of tantric vinyasa yoga with Brenna Geehan and Jean Mazzei in San Francisco.  Noelle's hatha flow classes are heavily influenced by the tantric vinyasa style of Para Yoga, and also draw from the Viniyoga and Forrest Yoga traditions.  Her classes are delivered with thoughtful emphasis on the subtle energetics of asana.  Noelle's mission is to guide her students to create space within themselves to feel physically strong, emotionally replenished and spiritually inspired.  


Noelle is passionate about sharing the benefits of asana and meditation with those who might not otherwise have access, and devotes several hours each week teaching yoga to incarcerated youth across the bay area.  




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