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"Noelle's classes are thoughtful, graceful, approachable yet challenging.  She offers a truly perfect blend for a mixed-level work environment. As a professional, she is flexible, accommodating, and organized.  As a yoga teacher, she is calm, wise, and radiant.  Just being near her is a zen experience, the asana practice is just an added bonus!"

- Julia Jahn, Director of Culture and Wellness, AKQA 











"I love her classes. I like her tone of voice. I like her welcoming attitude. I like the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously. But I also like that she is honest. She didn't architect a "yoga instructor persona." She just shares her inner peace with her students. And it fills the room. And it makes us feel at peace with ourselves." 

- Mini Girgis, Executive Director, The Nile Project 

I look forward to Noelle's class every Wednesday; the perfect day for us 9-5ers to replenish our vitality and give us more energy to finish the work week. I love her style. She’s real! She listens. She’s extremely approachable and just being in her presence is a pleasant experience. She gives modifications for every pose, but gently pushes us to our limits at the same time without being judgmental. She reminds us of yogic philosophies, sometimes reading a daily meditation prior to class, and constantly reminding us of our breath, which sounds pretty bit cliché, but after each class I take with her I’m so much more present, focused, and invigorated. 

- Pamela Pahati, Ad Trafficker, Trulia 

“Noelle is an amazing yoga instructor! She spends the time to understand each student’s needs beforehand and somehow makes everyone in the class feel as though they are getting a private, one-on-one instruction."

- Arman Javaherian, Senior Product Manager, Trulia 

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